Press release 08.02.2023

Cigarette sales fell to 65.8 billion units in 2022. That is 8.3% less than in the previous year, when still 71.7 billion cigarettes were taxed. This is according to the figures on the tax stamp for tobacco products and substitutes for tobacco products published by the Federal Statistical Office today.

Cigarette sales have been declining steadily for years. In 2012, still 82.4 billion cigarettes were consumed. As a result of tobacco tax increases, but also price adjustments due to inflation, a pack of cigarettes (20pcs) in the top brand range, for example, became more expensive by over 5% in both 2022 and 2023, which is below the average inflation rate.

Press release 29.01.2023

The use of e-cigarettes causes 95 percent less pollution than smoking and does not encourage people to start using tobacco. Calls for tighter regulation and bans on electronic cigarettes by Manne Lucha, Minister of Health of Baden-Württemberg, lack a scientific basis. Jan Mücke, Chief Executive of the German Association of the Tobacco Industry and Novel Products (BVTE), said in Berlin today: "It is a scientific consensus that the intake of harmful substances when vaping e-cigarettes is much lower than when smoking tobacco. With his post-factual statements, the minister is causing consumer uncertainty with counterproductive consequences for health policy."

Press release 19.01.2023

Data from the Federal Statistical Office confirm doubts about the increase in smoking rates

Cigarettes are becoming less and less popular in Germany. For the fourth year in a row, sales of taxed cigarettes will decline in 2022, falling well below the 70 billion unit threshold for the first time. The official figures of the Federal Statistical Office confirm considerable doubts about indications of the German Survey on Smoking Behaviour (DEBRA) that more people in Germany were consuming tobacco again.

Press release 11.10.2022

Federal Institute recommends science-based regulation

(Berlin, 11.10.2022) In the statement on tobacco-free nicotine pouches published on 7 October 2022, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) confirms that this new smoke- and tobacco-free product category can reduce the health risks compared to smoking. To ensure a high level of consumer protection, the BfR recommends regulation of the manufacture, presentation and sale of nicotine pouches.


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