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 4 / E-cigarette products
Sucralose should not be used in liquids. As carriers or sol- vents in liquids no vitamin E acetate, mineral oils, vegetable oils or animal fats should be used.
No psychotropic ingredients should be used in liquids, except nicotine.
All liquids placed on the market carry a unique batch code. his allows production data, as well as origin and supply chain of all ingredients to be traced in the event of queries.
B On the safety of the electronic cigarette devices
Only high-quality and technically mature equipment for the evaporation of liquids should be ditributed. An Orien- tation for this are international guidelines such as the European technical specification DIN EN/TS 17287:2019-04 „Requirements and test methods for electronic cigarette devices“. This specifies the safety and technical requirements for electronic cigarette devices, e-liquid containers and the associated accessories. It describes general requirements for power supply unit, vaporizer, e-liquid container, mouth- piece (drip tip) and labelling. It gives guidance for materials, filling mechanism, breaking strength and leakage protection.

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