Campaign "Take care of the environment"

Littering - whether cigarette litter, chewing gum or fast food packaging - is a global problem. Litter in the environment affects the whole of society. Unfortunately, not all smokers dispose of their cigarette waste carefully and neatly in bins when they are out and about. Careless littering is often caused by thoughtlessness, a lack of awareness of the pollution it causes and an offence committed, or simply a lack of disposal facilities. A single discarded cigarette may seem insignificant, but in total, cigarette waste is one of the most frequently discarded items in the world - and is becoming a problem.

With the campaign "Pay attention to the environment", BVTE wants to contribute to consumer awareness. Because it is anything but sovereign to simply throw cigarette waste and rubbish anywhere into the environment. Waste should be disposed of responsibly in a rubbish bin or pocket ashtray.

The campaign page of the same name provides detailed information on the causes and consequences of littering, measures to protect the environment and how to build and dispose of cigarette filters.

There is also an opportunity to order free handy pocket ashtrays, flyers and posters.