The internationally active companies that are members to the BVTE have been part of this  massive economic transformation process for years. They have already made significant progress on their path to sustainability, which is reflected in many awards and recognition from independent organisations.

  • In 2022, for example, BAT, Imperial and JTI once again made it onto the A list in the climate section of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), meaning they were awarded the top grade A.
  • Furthermore, BAT, Imperial and JTI have been named Climate Leaders 2021 by the Financial Times in a first European ranking - out of a total of more than 4,000 companies assessed across Europe.
  • BAT has already been included in the renowned World Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for 22 consecutive years.
  • BAT, JTI and Reemtsma are among the 165 top employers in Germany that have been repeatedly awarded the "Top Employer Germany"

Social responsibility towards society is regularly and consistently recognised through numerous measures and campaigns. Foundation activities, help days and major fundraising campaigns are firmly anchored in their corporate culture.

The comprehensive Sustainable Tobacco Programme (STP) sets the standards and rules for good agricultural practices, environmental management and important social and human rights areas at the beginning of the supply chain for the entire industry. This is because tobacco, as an agricultural product, is the basis of the industry's economicactivities. The tobacco industry takes the problems and risks that arise in the cultivation of tobacco in many countries around the world very seriously and committed to achieving sustainable improvements for farmers and the environment.

However, minimising the health consequences of our products clearly remains a key focus. Our member companies have long pursued the goal of developing and offering a wide range of alternative products that have a potentially considerably reduced risk profile compared to conventional smoking. You can find more information on risk-reduced products here.


The most important key figures relating to tobacco and tobacco products, such as the CO2 footprint of a cigarette or workforce, can be found in our tobacco factsheet.