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Federal Association of the Tobacco Industry and Novel Products founded / Michael Kaib (Reemtsma) and Hans-Josef Fischer (Heintz van Landewyck) lead strong industry association as dual leaders

Federal Association of the Tobacco Industry and Novel Products founded / Michael Kaib (Reemtsma) and Hans-Josef Fischer (Heintz van Landewyck) lead strong industry association as dual leaders

(Berlin, 02.09.2019) The Federal Association of the Tobacco Industry and Novel Products (BVTE) was founded today in Berlin. Michael Kaib (General Manager D-A-CH & Nordics and Spokesman of the Board Reemtsma) and Hans-Josef Fischer (Managing Director Heintz van Landewyck) will take over the chairmanship as dual leaders. Henry Schütz (authorized signatory Riccardo Retail) was elected vice-chairman of the new federal association. The member and turnover-strong federal association steps in the future for the interests of the entire creation of value chain of the industry for smoking, steaming as well as oral tobacco and nicotine benefit.

The establishment of the new interest group at national level is a great success. The two co-chairs represent SMEs and industry united at the top of the association. The national association brings together various interests, company sizes and product groups under its umbrella. The initiators have succeeded in bringing together manufacturers of classic tobacco products with producers of novel products and other partners from the value chain.

Under the motto "Unity in Diversity", BVTE will in future be the strong united voice for the entire industry and represent the interests of all members in an integrating and cross-product group manner. Hans-Josef Fischer is satisfied: "In the course of the very fact-oriented discussion process, it became clear that common interests and values are the basis of our joint cooperation and that we need to join forces."

"Shaping a common future, whether for manufacturers, dealers, suppliers or partners, is the primary goal of the association, which will work to ensure stable business models for all members," adds Michael Kaib. "We assume that demand for classic tobacco products will continue to exist in the future, as well as for potentially risk-reduced, innovative products." Fact-based information will be provided about products and their health risks, he adds. The federal association will resolutely advocate regulation on a scientific-evidence basis, primarily at the national level, but also in Brussels.

Another important aspect of the association's future work is a strong commitment to the protection of children and young people. Compliance with the strict ban on the sale of tobacco products and e-cigarettes to under-18s will be pushed by BVTE with campaigns, online training tools and awareness campaigns in the retail sector.

It is BVTE's declared goal to strengthen consumer sovereignty. The consumer's freedom of choice must remain guaranteed.

BVTE will start with an experienced core team in Berlin. Jan Mücke has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. The former Parliamentary State Secretary has been Managing Director of the German Cigarette Association DZV since July 2014. He cordially invites further members: "If individual associations or companies want to join, they are very welcome." Companies and associations - regardless of company size - can join BVTE on an equal footing. In the future, the German Cigarette Association will be under the BVTE umbrella, in addition to the Federal Association of German Tobacco Growers BDT and the Association of the Cigarette Paper Processing Industry VZI.

The BVTE called on consumers to purchase taxed pharmaceutical-grade liquids exclusively from experienced German specialist and mail-order retailers. Untaxed e-liquids are not subject to regular product monitoring and are traded illegally in disregard of legal requirements for health or youth protection. No one knows whether pharmaceutical or technical grades have been used and whether impurities or prohibited ingredients are contained.

For the future of e-cigarettes, it is crucial that responsible manufacturers and distributors shape product development, are committed to the protection of minors, and comply with existing legal regulations. In turn, health policy should finally open up to opportunities for "Tobacco Harm Reduction," inform consumers properly, and offer incentives for less harmful products. Vaporizers should also now look after their interests, support specialist retailers and avoid irregular products despite the additional tax.

With the entry into force of the Tobacco Tax Modernization Act, e-cigarettes will also be subject to tobacco tax from July 01, 2022, initially at 16 cents per milliliter of liquid and to be increased to 32 cents per milliliter in three further stages by January 01, 2026. This tax will apply not only to commercially available liquids, but also to all liquids intended for use in e-cigarettes. Until February 2023, untaxed e-cigarette liquids that are already on the market may still be sold.

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