About the BVTE

Who we are

The German Association of the Tobacco Industry and New Products – Bundesverband der Tabakwirtschaft und neuartiger Erzeugnisse (BVTE) was founded on 2 September 2019.

The association represents and promotes the interests of the entire value chain across all smoking and vaping products as well as  tobacco and nicotine products for oral use.

  • the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes, fine-cut/smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, tobacco for oral use, cigars/cigarillos, pipe and water pipe tobacco, and their associations
  • the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of new and (potentially) reduced-risk tobacco and nicotine products such as heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes, including the associated tobacco and/or the refills as well as nicotine-free products for vaping or other forms of consumption
  • the associations and businesses of related industries from tobacco cultivation, tobacco trade and retail, the advertising and packaging industry, the mechanical engineering sector, logistics, the trade show sector and other enterprises connected with the tobacco industry and their associations

The BVTE represents businesses that generate more that 50% of their revenues from traditional retailing of cigarettes, fine-cut, e-vaping and heated tobacco products. The market share of cigarettes and fine-cut is about 60% respectively.

Our background

The German tobacco and nicotine industry is currently going through a major transitional phase.

Greater Increasing health awareness, new social attitudes and the rapid development of new technologies have ensured that there is now a large selection of new products alongside the traditional tobacco products. Both the manufacturers and the connecting industries are in part organised in organisations that will continue to function as before.

Despite the diversity of the products, there are many general, branch-specific, business interests common to all and it is these that will be represented by the new BVTE association and its strong alliance.

In Germany there are currently 15 million smokers, 1.8 million of whom use e-cigarettes or heated tobacco products.

Our goals and messages

  • The BVTE will be the powerful, united voice of the industry.
  • Whether as a manufacturer, retailer, supplier or partner, the BVTE is committed to safeguarding our common future. We want to secure and carry continue stable business models for us all.
  • Der BVTE will therefore represent our interests in German politics in an integrated way and cover all product categories.
  • As an association with one dominating topic, the BVTE will be able to meet all current and future challenges in a more efficient and more effective way.
  • The BVTE will battle resolutely for regulation on a scientific and evidence-based footing, particularly nationwide but also in Brussels.
  • The consumers’ freedom of choice is the basic rule of the BVTE. All products are equal.
  • We will not support any regulation that would provide a competitive advantage to individual market participants.
  • We will provide fact-based information on our products and their risks to health.
  • Stricter protection of children and minors is a special concern of the BVTE.
  • We disapprove of any further restrictions on advertising.