About the BVTE

Members of the board

Dr. Carsten Wehrmann, Reemtsma (Chairman)

Gökhan Bilgic, BAT Central Europe North
Mark Rock, JT International
Stephan Endler, Niko Liquids
Robert Guden, Heintz van Landewyck
Jessy Phillip, TMCC – Tobacco Management & Consulting
Marc von Eicken, Joh. Wilh. von Eicken
Christian Hinz, GIZEH
Matthias Baltes, Highendsmoke

Jan Mücke (General Manager BVTE)


Jan Mücke, General Manager

+49 30 8145936-50

Wenke Munkel, Office Manager

+49 30 8145936-50

Birgit Boddie, Office Manager

+49 30 8145936-50

Dirk Falke L.LM, General Counsel

+49 30 8145936-90

Dr. Frank Henkler-Stephani, Senior Director Tobacco Harm Reduction

+49 30 8145936-74

Matthias Heddenhausen, Manager Industrial Policy

+49 30 8145936-75

Anne-Kathrin Rothe, Manager Public Relations & Events

+49 30 8145936-78

Doris Kessler, Manager Scientific Affairs

+49 30 8145936-80

Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Boenke, Manager Scientific Affairs

+49 30 8145936-60

Dr. rer. nat. Anja Thielen, Manager Scientific Affairs

+49 30 8145936-70


BVTE is a member of:
The Federation of German Industries ( BDI)
The Bavarian Business Association ( vbw )
The German Advertising Federation ( ZAW)
Food Federation ( Link)

Working Committees

Executive Board
Steering Committee
Finance Committee
Legal Affairs Committee
Scientific and Regulatory Committee on Tobacco Products
Scientific and Regulatory Committee on Next Generation Products
Taxation and Customs Policy Committee
Market Research Committee
Technical & IT Committee
SUP - Single Use Plastik
Dual System
Public Relations Committee